CLIC subtitles on a tablet

Has anybody watched S4C CLIC on a tablet and managed to get the subtitles working? There is any subtitles button on my screen.

I watch S4C Clic on my iPad. It took them a while to update it for iOS 7, but when they did they still didn’t enable the subtitle feature. The only way you can watch programmes with subtitles is either on a standard PC/Mac, or if S4C publish a programme with subtitles (omnibus editions normally carry subtitles eg, 35 Diwrnod currently has subbed and un subbed versions)

Is it the beta version? I have emailed them a couple of times about subtitle issues with the beta player. In particular, the second line of every subtitle frame is cut off on Pobol Y Cwm. Maybe that one is fixed now. You should report the issue to the development team.

Well I managed to get subtitles working on my Kindle Fire HD.

I downloaded flash onto my Kindle Fire HD. Note that Flash is not supported any longer by Adobe though. I then used a browser called Dolphin to play the programme from CLIC. The subtitles now appear.

for how to do it on a Kindle Fire. The same principal should work for other tablets.

You need to be ok with running an unsupported Flash appl though.