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I have just finished Level 1 - ssiw 6 month course. I start L2 tomorrow. I’m loving it. But was considering also joining a classroom based course as well for a few reasons: To make sure I have an understanding of grammar so I can write as well af speak, to do an exam at the end (competition keeps me motivated) and to mix with other learners. My question is threefold: is this a worthwhile idea? If it is, what level should I be joining at (beginner, intermediate etc) and any suggestions on which course (I live in Cardiff on the side that makes Barry and Penarth easily accessible). All pointers gratefully received. Diolch.

Hi Mark,
If you want to enrol on a class I would suggest you go to where you will find all the courses that each authority is providing. Cardiff will probably be your best bet. I would suggest you start with Mynediad. I have done Mynediad and Sylvaen levels and whilst I can probably speak more sentences with SSiW, learning structures and gramma certainly has helped me with understanding why sentences are put together as they are. Hope this has been helpful.

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I found local classes useful for making friends with other local learners and also having a native speaker on hand to ask questions, especially, “What is the Welsh for…” I know you can look things up in the dictionary, but sometimes words are regional or there are shades of meaning that only an experienced speaker can provide or there is a “proper” Welsh word but everyone actually uses a Welshified version of the English that is best to use in casual conversation if you want to sound natural.


I have just completed Mynediad 1 & 2 with Learnwelsh in Abertawe. The classes are great for real live practice and for getting questions answered. I would say that doing both is good as long as you don’t allow the Class to take over the SSIW method. They both have a place but you will be able to converse sooner with SSIW.


I have completed Mynediad 1 &2 and sylfaen 1, and would suggest that if you were confident with what you did in SSIW, then you should register for fast track mynediad.

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Someone in your local centre will be happy to talk to you, in Welsh, and assess your level. Certainly in the early days of SSIW many went from level, course 1 SSIW straight to Sylvan, Canolradd or even Uwch, and carried on with SSIW at the same time. My advice would be to aim high with the possibility of retreating a little if it really is too much, but it’s really unlikely to be too much.

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