City Social - Welsh Version

Pnawn da pawb,

I was thinking about stating a group but would like to know what everyone throught.

It would be more like a social group rather than the regular come-for-chat thing, obvisously with welsh speaking at the heart of it.

The format city social follows seems to be post an event and people sign up to it, whoever posts organises it etc.

Pesonal opinion would be it would probably attract more people as it would be quite varied in the activities.

Any thoughts?

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City social is?

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CitySocializer is essentially an events company but its members post and manage the events. Events range from drinks, food, climbing, cycling etc.

Thought it would be a bit more interesting and attract larger crowds if people could do things while practising their Welsh.


I like the concept - doing stuff, rather than just sitting and chatting in welsh.

However, I’m unlikely to join just to find some Welsh events

For anyone interested in this, here’s some info on their pricing plans:

£ 14 99 / mo
(48p per day)
Go to 3 social socials per month
Send 30 messages per month
Upgrade now
Socializer plan also includes:

Friends Matching
Let our “Friendly Five” technology find friends tailored to you every week

Local friends search
See which other members are in your neighbourhood

Join Groups
Find likeminded groups based on your interests and chat

£ 18 99 / mo
(61p per day)
Go to unlimited socials
Unlimited messaging
Upgrade now
Includes everything in Socializer plus:

Local event search
See what socials are happening in and around your neighbourhood

Who’s looking?
Get notified when someone views your profile

See who’s going out 24/7
View guestlists for all socials before you join

Tailor your profile
Add multiple photos to your profile and hide your age

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And from their FAQ

Can I try it for free to see if it’s for me?
Citysocializer is a subscription service only. In order to use our platform you will need to join in the fun and choose one of our awesome payment plans.

I was just going to copy the concept rather than have everyone join citysocializer.

Essentially we do it ourselves, we organise etc we could possibly create a topic on here to post an event, create a simple website, or something else


in that case, great idea :smiley_cat:

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There was a group in Cardiff that followed that sort of idea, but it petered out after a bit. I’m not sure why. I only made one of the events either because I wasn’t free on the evening in question (it was usually a Thursday, and I’m often in choir) or because it was something that didn’t interest me (e.g. bowling alley, visit to one of those restaurants that serves only desserts).

But I do think it’s a good idea, if the events are varied in terms of content and timing. The Cardiff one used a Facebook group to organise people.

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Sounds like a good idea. I’m in Canton in Cardiff and would be potentially be interested.

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Let’s give it a go then. A Facebook page would be the easiest option to get something rolling quickly. Be good if we could get on the ssiw news letter to gain some interest. I’ll shoot an email off once the page is up.


Just flag @dee and I’ll see it and include it in next week’s newsletter :slight_smile:

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Thanks dee.

Ga i ddefyddio SSIW yn yr enw? Dw i’n gallu sgrifennu ‘unoffical’ hefyd neu rhwybeth arall jwst so mae pawb yn gallu ffeindio ni; mae’n lan i ti.

Writing is alot harder than speaking!

Yes, we’re happy for you to use SSiW in the name as long as it is accompanied by an ‘unofficial’ disclaimer… :slight_smile:

P.S. We encourage using English on the forum (with the exception of the ‘Beth wyt ti’n gwneud?’ practice thread) so that it always feels open and welcoming even to absolute beginners… :slight_smile:

This would be great for those people that visit Caerdydd occasionally too. They could look and see if there was an event on they could join in with, or if they’re going to Caerdydd for a specific event, they could post it on the FB page and see if others wanted to join them.

We used to have regular outings to Sain Ffagan but haven’t done for a while. Something like that would be good to put on the page and get a good crowd together.

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@Deborah-SSi - I’ve created a page on facebook, could you please include it in the newsletter?

I’m going to change the page name to ‘Welsh Social’ but I have to wait 7 days before I can do it but if people use the link it wont effect them.

There isnt any content at the moment but if you message me any events you’ve got I’ll put them on the page.

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The FB page says ‘SSiW Newport/Casnewydd Social Club’. I thought you were setting up something in Cardiff. Is that not right?

EDIT: Looking back I realise that you didn’t actually say where it was going to be. I just assumed Cardiff as Cardiff got mentioned in other comments. So this is definitely NOT Cardiff then, but Newport?

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I’m going to change the name to just ‘Welsh Social’ that way everyone can post on the page instead of having different pages for different cities/towns. I have to wait another 6 days before I can change the name though.

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That sounds like a great idea! So all over Wales, people could sign up to follow the page, then post when there is a social event they fancy going to and invite others to join them. Is that the idea? Everyone can keep an eye out for events happening near them?


I’ve created a seperate topic for the Welsh Social but heres a copy.

Helo pawb - Hello everyone,

For the first welsh social I though it would be a good idea to start with Tafwyl ( - I have created an event on our facebook page ( so check it out and if your coming then let me know.

Welsh, music, food and beer, happy days.

@Deborah-SSi could you please put this on the newsletter?


Not really sure this is the right place to post this, but on 1st July (next week!) there’s an event in Bangor for people who want to practice their Welsh in relation in a gardening context. I haven’t visited ‘Food Skills for All’ but it looks a really pleasant location, about an acre and a half, I think.
Dim yn hollol siwr bod hyn yn lle addas i rhoi hynny, ond 1af Gorffennaf (wythnos nesaf!) mae na ddigwyddiad ym Mangor i bobl sydd isio ymarfer Cymraeg mewn gyd-testun garddio. Dw i ddim wedi ymweliad ‘Food Skills for All’ ond mae yn edrych fel lleoliad difyr iawn, o gwmpas erw a hanner, dw i’n meddwl. Dyma beth wnaethon nhw sgwennu i gyhoeddi’r digwyddiad:
Here’s the stuff they put up to publicise it:

Sgwrs a Garddio
Dach chi isio eich Cymraeg efo dysgwyr eraill a siaradwyr Cymraeg iaith cyntaf?
Dach chi isio dysgu tyfu llysiau ar yr un pryd?
Os ‘oes’ ydy’r ateb ymunwch â ni ar
Ddydd Sadwrn 1af Gorffenaf 10yb-12yp.

Would you like to practice your Welsh with other learners and native Welsh speakers?
Would you like to learn about growing vegetables at the same time?
If the answer is ‘yes’ join us on
Saturday 1st July 10am-12pm.
Free admission
Food Skills For All
Cyttir Lane, LL57 4DB Bangor, Gwynedd

1 July at 10:00–12:00