Chunk in your sights

Noswaith dda, bawb : )

Is there a bit of Welsh, a particular phrase or expression, that you’d like to learn? And not just so you recognise it whenever, but also have it ready so you can drop it into a sentence?

My Welsh chunk of choice at the moment is:

  • mynd i’r afael â (get to grips with)

What is yours?

If I have some free time at the end of the month, I’ll put the replies together and build a quiz.


What a great idea! I’ll try to pay attention to what I say/write today, to see what I tend to use a lot of and report back.


Gadi ni wybod, Sara :grinning: (that’s my chunk)

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Great idea :slightly_smiling_face:. My chunk is: Un cam am y tro (One step at a time)


Here’s the quiz. I filled it out a bit with some more stuff from my notes plus some random Jurassic Park screengrabs.

Let me know if you spot any mistakes, and I’ll correct them. :smiley: :t_rex:

Late to the game here, but my chunk (from hearing it several times the other day on Radio Cymru) is yr un un X for “the same”.

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Thanks, @RichardBuck, have added a question : )

Hello @sortaottery

That is a great chunk :saluting_face: :+1:. I would like to learn a new phrase to improve my communication ability.

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Feel free to add suggestions and I’ll expand the quiz :+1: