Chrwarae or Canu? - play music

Hello. In the context of playing music, I have heard many speakers use “chwarae” – including people on different video channels. However, I have also heard “canu” – the word for sing – used to mean play music.
What is the distinction and which one should I use? Is this a Northern / Southern thing?
Please advise – thank you!

It’s not a North/South thing, it’s just that some instruments are traditionally ‘sung’ - things like harp or piano for instance - and some are ‘played’ such as keyboards or guitar! There’s no particular rule, it’s one of those things you pick up over time. But saying chwarae where traditionally it should be canu is fine, you’ll be understood!



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Phones canu too :grinning:

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Oes! I heard that in a Now You’re Talking Welsh video. :slight_smile: