Christmas Party, Llanelli

Clwb Clecs Llanelli will be hosting its annual Christmas outing on 16th December, 7pm at the Bryngwyn Newydd in Pwll, Llanelli.
£5 non—refundable deposit to be paid by Monday 23/09/19.
Menu to be used is the general one you can access online. We can personally recommend the food with some of us having been many times before.
Anyone wishing to join us will be warmly welcomed.
Feel free to message me. :blush::santa::christmas_tree:


Yes please to a party in Llanelli!

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Can I put you down as a definite?

Ydy, a gadewch i fi sut i talu i chi.

Sut mae Alice!
Ydych chi’n dal yn moyn dod i’r parti Nadolig?
Mae rhaid i ni dalu’r blaendalau nawr a dwi’n fodlon talu ar gyfer chi os chi’n mynd i ddod. Rhoi wybod i fi.
Diolch Alice. :blush:

Thought I’d add the link, for anyone interested. Good luck with the planning and have a great evening!

Diolch Catrin. Mae’n amlwg bod ti wedi gneud llawer mwy o pethau fel hyn. :kissing_heart:

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Hi Ali,

Sorry but I wont be able to make it to the Xmas dinner and not sure when i’ll be in Clwb Clecs again. I’ve got a problem with my hearing following an ear infection, bad enough in English let alone trying to follow a conversation in Welsh, so will be putting my attendance on hold until I get it cleared up. Hope to see you in the new year sometime.
Nadolig Llawen!!

Aww, really sorry to hear this David. Hope you will be back on form very soon and we shall be there when you feel ready to come back. We will miss you. Take care.
Nadolig Llawen. x

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Nadolig Llawen oddiwrth Clwb Clecs Llanelli a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chi gyd. xxxxxxx

I had a brilliant time at the Parti Nadolig! Diolch yn fawr to Ali for not just organising the evening, but for being the driving force behind the very successful Clwb Clecs in Llanelli, and diolch to everyone there for being such great company! :clinking_glasses:

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Hi Ali,

Is Clwbclecs still meeting up bearing in mind whats happening with coronavirus. I was going to go this evening but dont want to make a wasted journey.