Choose the Eisteddod winners - Voting CLOSED

The polls are all in place now at the bottom of each competition. Have a look at the entries and choose your favourites.
If you should happen to think that none of them is worthy of an award, the option of “No award” is provided, but I don’t think you will actually want to make much use of it.

Voting will close at the end of Sunday 4th November.
The the winners will be announced shortly after that.
Who is behind those mysterious ffugenwau? All will be revealed!


Just bumping up this reminder that the voting will close tonight!

It’s really hard to choose in some of the categories - they are all great! - but the more people that vote, the more rewarding it is for the participants, so if you haven’t voted yet, please do!


I’m just waiting to hear back from one of the winners before I announce all their names. They’ve all done so well, and one person really wiped the floor in the singing category. She was the only entrant in the Cerdd Dant category, but she did it absolutely brilliantly! It’s worth a listen, if you haven’t done so already.

The voting is closed now, but you can still browse through the entries and see what a talented bunch of people we have here in SSiW!