Chinese whispers

This puzzle comes to you from a friend of my brother who phoned me (as the font of knowledge on all things Welsh :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

It concerns the last three words (presumably in Welsh) from a broadcast eulogy for someone in Anglesey.
This is a phonetic rendering of what reached me:
“Coos da gween da veed”
The “da veed” bit sounded more like the French pronunciation of David than the Welsh Dafydd,
I thought of variations of “cysgu” as in sleep in peace etc and I tried to find some context for wine at the end of a eulogy,

Can anyone offer a possible 3 word phrase that might end a Welsh Eulogy.?

I’ve asked my brother if he can get me a link to the broadcast or more info about the deceased and will post this if and when I get it.

Pretty sure it’ll be this -
“Cwsg a gwyn dy fyd” which means “Sleep and be Blessed”


Oh abso-bloomin-lutely. :clap: You are the true font of all knowledge :bowing_man:
Diolch o galon on behalf of me, my brother and his friend.


Blimey Siaron… well done!