Children's books

I would like to buy my three year old daughter a book for Christmas but it would seem more difficult than I thought for. Any suggestions?

Just some background daughter attends Cylch and I don’t read a huge amount of Welsh if that makes a difference to book choices.

I was just watching Alun Williams on Bore Da reading “Alun yr Arth” to a couple of youngsters. It looks like it’s available on Amazon if you can’t find it locally. I was able to understand most of it, so I’m guessing it shouldn’t be too challenging to read. Pob lwc!

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And download the app mentioned free - Alan yr Arth ar y fferm. It’s great fun and I have already learnt some new words. Yes, I know it’s for children, but I feel young inside!

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I recently bought a copy of “Cyfrinach Y Brenin” published by Gomer Press.This is a lovely book, Well illustrated, a simple story and ,best of all, a CD of a lovely Welsh lady reading the story, so no problem with pronunciation.My standard of reading Welsh is elementary(but improving) and I only had to look up a few words.I think the story should be suitable for a three year old.

Hi Theresa - Have Play Radnor got any books you could ‘try before you buy’? - They always used to have a selection. What about the library?

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Thanks for the suggestions.

@robbruce I hadn’t thought of looking at Play Radnor. Id looked in library before but before I’d done much reading so I was really lost. I guess I had hoped to go in bookshop in llandod look at books buy one I liked but there selection is so tiny nothing really jumped out as present worthy and now it’s nine days till Christmas

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I borrowed a peppa pinc book from library and my reading of it was a little painful on the whole (on the ears of the listener) so perhaps it’s a good thing I haven’t bought a book as a present.

I did also find and borrow alun yr ardd too.

If you’re looking for books for children or young people, at the moment Na Nôg’s online shop has a half-price sale:

If you’re quick there’s an online sale of children’s books at the moment by “During January and February we will be offering a massive 50% off many books for children and young adults”

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If you missed the sale, Y Lolfa at the moment have an online sale running until Mon 9th March with 20% off everything including children’s books: