Children learning Welsh

I guess this is a proud mummy moment post.

My little girl goes to Cylch three afternoons a week although she started with once a week in October age two. Yesterday in the bath she said what sounded like ready gorffen. Talking to her Cylch leader she was probably saying wedi gorffen so that’s the first time she’s said two words together :smile:
I also discovered that she can count to ten in Welsh, I think she understands more than she says but known vocabulary includes caws,cyw, hywl fawr ffrindiau. I try to speak a little in Welsh to her and I’m trying to learn so that I’m a step ahead hopefully. She’s not three until October.


How fluent is her English? When I picked up German at 3, neither parent spoke a word and, in fact, most people saw it as the last language anyone would want to speak (1945). I spent a lot of time with my Dad’s batman and other POWs, but not regular hours, and I did pick up a lot. With you encouraging her as well, she should progress with leaps and bounds. Oh, unless she’s a rebel like me, who specially wants to learn if Mam and Dad disapprove!!!