Chi vs chdi

What is the exact difference between Chi and Chdi?
(I searched through the topics and found lots of info on Chi/Ti but not Chi/Chdi)

Chdi is a variant of the personal pronoun ti that is quite common in North Wales. It can be used as the object of a sentence, so you can say Wela i chdi, for example, but not as the subject, like Wyt chdi’n iawn? (here you’d have to ask Wyt ti’n iawn?)


Thank you! Are chi and chdi interchangeable?

Not quite. They serve similar purposes, but they aren’t interchangeable. Unlike English, Welsh has two forms of you (as do many other European languages): ti/chdi is used when adressing a singular person with whom you are on informal terms, while chi is used for adressing plural people or a singular person on formal terms.


With that in mind, now I need to go back to the Challenge I was working on and listen to the different ways chi and chdi were used. Thanks again, this is helpful!

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