Chi versions instead of ti

How do I use the polite version of ‘Gnest ti wylio…?’ and ‘Gest ti amser da…?’ when talkng to my boss? Are there any other useful ones I could drop into conversation?

The chi forms of gwneud and cael are gwnaethoch and cawsoch, (but these will mutate for a question) so for your examples those would be:
Wnaethoch chi wylio? (or naethoch - depending on regional preferences)
Gawsoch chi amser da?

Gwneud and cael cover a lot of things but perhaps another useful one would be mynd - maybe “did you go out over christmas/new years eve/the holidays/weekend?”
Aethoch chi allan dros y Dolig/nos Calan/y Gwyliau/y penwythnos?

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Diolch yn fawr iawn! They’ll come in really handy.

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