Chester/Caer-lleon meetups?

Are there any Chester/Caer-lleon meet ups for learning Welsh?



@Deborah-SSi ? :slight_smile:

I’ll put a message in tomorrow’s newsletter, but have you tried asking in Saith Seren in Wrecsam? There may be other people there from Chester who would like a meetup closer to home.

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OK. Gwnaf/Will do :slight_smile:

Surprised there isnt a group in Caer due to the proximity to the border…maybe there is…and I need more research.
I can always organise one myself

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You may be interested in Siarad Shotton, a monthly meeting that has just stated just a few miles over the border from chester in shotton. It is aimed at intermediate and above rather than beginners. First thursday of month 7pm groves community and social club CH51DU… Rich p

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During term time I’m near Mold, so very close to Chester?

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I’d be interested in a Chester meeting Bynie, I’m just over the border in Kinnerton Uchaf.

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Sorry Brynle, predictive text got the better of me.

Diolch Richard! If you’re happy to be the contact person for that group, I can add it to the list in the newsletter. Generally, they are SSiW-organised, but as long as someone from SSiW is a regular and prepared to be the contact, I can include it :slight_smile:

Is the next Siarad Shotton on the 4ydd Ebrill/ 4th April?

I’ve just moved here to Caer/Chester, so any ideas where is a good place to meet? Any decent pub? Or start a conversation / learning through online means like Skype first?



SSiW contact person…fame at last. Last month it was just me and my wife, so we played a word game. It’s an ideal place as it’s quiet and the staff are really friendly. If it takes off then we could meet for longer and more often… we’ll see. so, next Siarad Shotton is 4th april.


welwch i chi fan’na

Do you want to meet up in Chester or the Shotton group meetings?



Cwl … Im living in Chester at mo. Would be good to try to meet up as a group in one location like shotton/chester/mold…but also can practice online some way

Caer = Chester

Caer-lleon is the Welsh form of Caerleon which was in Monmouthshire but now possibly in Newport and which was a very important Roman town.

In speech nowadays yes but placenames can be the same! …only in very modern times has the “lleon” part been dropped in speech up here…

Caer is the shortened form of Caerlleon … it means “legion fort”

  • an older name I heard from a local historian was Cair-legion (no idea if the old anglicised version though?)

Interestingly, Ordnance survey still use “caerlleon” as the formal name for Chester on maps I have.

Many residents of Caernarfon say “Chester” as they call their own town “Caer”

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Siarad shotton is going to twice a month and for 2 hours, so 7-9 on 1st and 3rd thursday every month. Chat, quizes, speakers…but mainly chat.

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