Chdi or ti

Ti or chdi

I am a new Welsh learner, I have done up to challenge 10, following the advice of not repeating sessions, it’s not easy as it’s so tempting to go back when I don’t think I’ve done too well, am just about to hit challenge 11.

I wondered if I could ask though, ( taking Aron’s advice here as well :slight_smile:️) I am a bit puzzled by the changing use of ti or chdi for you, challenge 4 introduced chdi, challenge 5 ti, but I can’t seem to get a feel of when you use each one. I had a vague idea that one was for friends or children,the other was more informal but that hasn’t been mentioned in ssiw. I thought it might stick with me as I carry on but I keep using the wrong one and it throws me, would welcome any help.

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Well, I’m doing south version so I’d not give you answer to your question though but what I came for on here is to say a warm welcome to the forum.

For your question, there are many more skilled members then me to answer it so I’ll leave it to them.

Congrats to come to Challenge 10. Well done!

Tatjana :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum, Jan, and well done for pushing yourself beyond your comfort levels! :star2:

Chdi and ti are interchangeable - it’s just a personal preference thing - they’re both informal (friends and children), but chdi (which you’ll usually only hear in the north) sounds a bit like the formal ‘chi’ - which you don’t need to worry about just yet… :slight_smile:

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Croeso Jan :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help,
I have only just found out how to reply, sorry for the delay.
I’m grateful for the update from @aran, knowing that they’re interchangeable will hopefully stop me from getting frustrated at continuing to forget which to use when. Sorry, but I still haven’t got the knack of celebrating my mistakes, I feel that I should remember more, but I’m trying not to feel too bad when I forget.
The way that we keep going over things does seem to sound it down into my memory eventually, so here’s hoping :slight_smile:
Thanks again,

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