Chat Groups - Post Pandemic (Ruthin, Denbigh, Llangollen area)

I’m just wondering if anyone knows of any chat groups in the Ruthin, Denbigh, Llangollen area? I’ve done a quick search and there are threads that indicate there might have been, but I’m not sure if they are restarted after the pandemic. Many thanks in advance!

I’ve edited the title for you in order to draw attention from anyone who’s in those areas. Hopefully someone will be able to tell you what the situation is before too long.

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Thanks, Siaron! :sunglasses::+1:t3:

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These are the latest we know about: Post-Pandemic Meetups so I would think Flint is your closest on that list.
I’ll put a note in this week’s newsletter for you. I’m sure we have more SSiWers in that area.

Brilliant, thanks Dee! It’s a part of Wales I’m yet to explore properly and would love to find some Welsh speaking friends in the area. :sunglasses::sunglasses::ok_hand:

PS, I don’t seem to get the newsletter anymore, can you confirm if I’m still on the mailing list?

It’s not easy to check, but if you just go to SSiW Newsletter and register there, it should come to you. I’ll be sending it out tomorrow, so if it doesn’t show up, check your spam/junkmail.

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Hi, I live in Ruthin, been learning for about 5 years via traditional classes and SSIW. I’ve never found a local chat group so I’ve recently been thinking I should put my money where my mouth is and start one myself! There are other activities for learners in the area from time-to-time, run by Meter Iaith Sir Ddinbych and by Popeth Cymraeg in Denbigh. Menter Iaith organised a nature walk for learners in Denbigh this week led by Iolo Williams no less. If you go to the Mentert Iaith Sir Ddinbych Facebook page they do have some other events coming up soon which I am hoping to attend. If I ever get my Ruthin chat group set up I will let you know! Pob lwc efo dysgu Cymraeg!


Hey Daniel, that would be amazing and I’d definitely be interested in coming along. I live about an hour and 20 minutes from Ruthin, but work in Oswestry so it is doable for me. I’d be happy to help out of you were to go ahead. The Vale is an area I am yet to get to know properly, even though I am originally from Chester and have family from Wrexham/Mold area.

I’ll PM you with my phone number. I’d also be interested in having a chat if you are up for it a some point? I’m a bit rusty!

Finally, thanks for the info , I’ll check it out. Gutted to have missed Iolo! Diolch am neges!

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Helo Daniel fy machgen. Mae’n dda ti gweld yma :grin:

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Hi there ,

I live in Denbigh and I am also learning Welsh . Which level are you on ?

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Hi Lisa. Andy here. I did the old 3 courses way back. I’m very rusty though but I seem to get by… I’ve had a semi ‘enforced’ break over the pandemic, but I am keen to get back into it by joining a chat group or similar. Where have you got too? I can’t recommend chat groups enough.

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Do it Daniel. Down here on Gower two learners began meeting in the Three Cliffs Coffee Shop at Southgate. Their classes had finished and they wanted to keep their Welsh going. Welsh people heard them speaking Welsh and chatted to them, gradually the pair grew into a group and soon someone from the local Welsh Society invited them to their meetings, Covid has put a temporary stop to the Welsh Society meetings but they will restart soon.
The difference it has made to the village of Southgate is that nobody realised how many Welsh speakers were in the village, it transpired that there were many. The cafe is popular with visitors all the year round and every Tuesday afternoon they can hear the Welsh language being spoken naturally. This can only improve the status of Welsh.
Choose a cafe, or anywhere public, where you can meet, arrange a time and day to start and get your Menter Iaith to contact other learners in the area to invite them to come along. Also get in touch with your local Welsh newspaper, (papur bro) which in Rhuthun is Y Bedol - your local Welsh shop (Elfair, Stryd Clwyd) will have a copy and could also help you.
Make sure from the start that speaking Welsh is the whole purpose and avoid talking about grammar - that is for the classroom. You need to get used to putting Welsh sentences together without worrying about whether something is masculine or feminine. Just by speaking the language and listening to other people you will improve and your group will be a valuable asset to others learning Welsh in your area.
You only need two to start.
Best of luck
Rob Evans


Hi Daniel et al, I’m in Llandrillo, ger Corwen. I would be interested to hear how this goes. I may not be able to commit immediately (health issues - not Covid :wink:) but really miss the group I attended in Dolgellau pre-Covid (it’s not restarted, I don’t think… If it has, someone please let me know). I agree that groups are a great way to improve and make friends too.

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A truly inspirational post with great suggestions @rob-evans-1! Imagine the difference it could make to Wales with little groups scattered all over!

@a_jay @robert-gee @lisa-payne @daniel-longhurst when you set a date, time and location for your first Meetup, make sure you tag me here and I’ll promote it in the newsletter for you.

Helo Daniel a phawb
Dwi’n newydd symud i’r ardal - mi faswn i wrth fy modd i cyfarfod efo’r grwp, angen ymarfer! A gafodd y grwp ei sefydlu?
Just moved to the area - I would love to join the group, need to practice! Did the group get off the ground?


Anyone still in this area?