Chat group Ruthin

Hi All, Is anybody aware of a chat group near Ruthin or how I might go about finding one?

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Hi Cymdeithas Bethania seem to have interesting meetings. Also the library have Welsh learner reading sessions 3rd Tuesday of the month at 3.30pm. Not that I’ve ever been to any of them but if maybe some of the people there might be interested in forming a chat group… give it a go

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The “Clwb Clebran” chat sessions on Monday evenings from about 7:15 at the Saith Seren in Wrexham are very friendly and welcoming - just drop in!

But I realise that Wrexham may not meet everyone’s definition of “close” to Ruthin.

There also used to be chat sessions in the Crown Hotel pub at Llandegla on Thursday evenings. Still not in Ruthin but closer. I have been trying to track down an up-to-date list of chat session events in the area but my searches are unfruitful so far …


Thanks both for your replies.

There’s a session in the cafe in Theatr Clwyd in Mold on Wednesday mornings from 10am, this includes a “conversation prompt” sheet and a little quiz every week.

I’m not 100% sure that this runs through school holidays though. I can find out for sure if you are interested.

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Hi. I work on weekdays so would struggle with this, but thanks for the respone

Hi all, I’m a fairly recent beginner interested in setting up an evening group in/around the Ruthin area. I’m putting a shout-out to see if there is any interest in a local group. If you’re interested please could you respond with any evenings that are feasible? I’m thinking Tue-Thu are probably the better evenings,
Thank you


That’s great, @joanne-taylor! I’ll put a note in next week’s newsletter and see if it finds a few people for you.

Thank you Dee

Hello Joanne, I’d be interested in a meetup in the Ruthin area. Tue-Thur evenings also OK for me.

Hi Joanne. I live in Rhuddlan and am halfway through the 6 month course. I might struggle to get to regular meet ups, but please let me know if you get something off the ground and I’ll try my best!

Hi Amanda and Simon. I’ve only had two of you reply, so I’m sending this to both of you. Im ten weeks into the 6 month course, and it looks like Simon is 3 or 4 weeks ahead, although Simon I can see you’re not a definite. I don’t know if you both still want to give this a go? I’m working in Denbigh this week so could meet either there or Ruthin, and can still do Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening if either of you still fancy it xx

Hi Joanne and Simon, I’m on week 8 and I’d still like to give this a go. I think it would be good to meet up, just that I can’t do this week with work commitments and family arriving for Easter. Could we meet up one evening next week?

Yes that’s absolutely fine! I can do any day this week x

Hi Joanne, great, how about Friday? Whereabouts shall we meet up?

I possibly don’t know the area as well as you, in terms of recommending a suitable place, but there’s a new late-night cafe on the square called coffee cabin or something. Do you want to meet there at 6.30? I can do earlier or later if needed

Syniad da! 6.30pm at the Coffee Cabin on Friday, see you there!

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Great - see you Friday x

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