Chat GPT: Artificial intelligence as a powerful tool for Welsh learning?

If you have not heard about the AI bot ChatGPT…well you should do! A very intriguing tool

A free basic version can be used here. Too many questions will incur a time penalty

I asked it to write a unique poem in a specific form of Welsh poetry which requires 4 lines per verse and 7 syllable per line.

Although it struggled with the syllable parameter (We can forgive it here as I didn’t stipulate the exact poetic parameters - I was deliberately vague)… using July as a contextual month for “spring” was definitely an error on its behalf. So I asked it vaguely (again to challenge it) to rewrite the poem.

It made a completely new one

Written complex Welsh poetry is a tough ask and it did pretty well!

Sadly I lost network connection and hence why the follow up image is in red and cut off. Either my internet or the bot is overwhelmed at European Early evening time usage

More examples of uses


ChatGPT showing some respect haha

Gap in the market for Welsh language horror films found!


Here is one for those who do the Duolingo Welsh course…You will be very familiar with Owen and his obsession over Parsnips.

So I decided to test the AI bot with writing a bizzarre short story about him, his parsnips and dreams of being a bus driver in Bangor.
I deliberately asked the bot to take into account personality traits such as shyness, self sabotage but with inner confidence on the other hand.
Don’t judge me too harshly :stuck_out_tongue: … its the most creative I could be without any coffee today!

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Obviously not perfect but there’s great potential

Asking ChatGPT to tell jokes was a different story though. Lots of coherent sentences in themselves but they were not funny. Comedy is probably incredibly hard for AI to get right.

Hints of bias in where it obtained data started to seep through. “Welsh is a hard language”


Maybe I am humourless but I dont get this… even with a better translation of ‘adroddiad’ as ‘census’

Although this example I didnt find laugh out loud funny per se … it was intriguing and impressive in some ways … the AI Bot had created a joke that was getting closer to being comedic
Pared = partition wall here… not parêd = gorymdaith/ parade

You can hold conversations with it in Welsh but eventually you get flagged as potentially violating content policy ( I am not according to their rules)


The ability to write code is potentially a technological breakthrough though

My question here is very poorly written and open to huge interpretation (I almost felt sorry for it!) but it still managed to give an interesting response nonetheless.
I can continue to have a detailed conversation to hone and clarify exactly what I want with specific parameters


Now imagine if I actually had a detailed plan of making a Welsh learners website in my head. My questions would be massively more helpful to both the bot and me in building a website.
You can also ask it to code in certain software parameters …and maybe more importantly. You can ask it to help you build an app step by step

Things you can do with chatGPT

25 Things You Can Do With ChatGPT - TechWiser

Writing youtube scripts and email templates in Welsh also intrigue!

You can also retrieve detailed parish census data on the Welsh language from many decades ago that is otherwise blocked off to most users behind paywalls

I’ve been having fun with ChatGPT for a story I’m writing, but ran into some issues with it when it came to language practice. (Asked for a list of herbs, was given a list of vegetables with some incorrect names, and saying carrots are popular for their ‘lively gray flavor.’)

But for having an actual conversation, it seemed to do a bit better. Used more advanced words than I’m good with right now, but staying away from anything really technical it did ok.

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Those of you dabbling with Chat GPT might find this article interesting:


Yes. Revisiting this topic, I have to agree Owen.

Its not trustworthy but its insightful and can be useful for more advanced learners who can spot any odd or erroneous data easier

Writing websites coding intrigues still though

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My husband has gotten a lot out of it for coding. He is currently using Chat GPT 4, and says it’s worlds better.

The main use I’ve found is in researching for writing. I’m writing a post-apocalyptic story that heavily features mycology, but I’m very new to the subject, and I end up with weird questions due to the sci-fi/fantasy aspects of the story.

So for instance, when trying to see were for someone using mycelium to help manufacture materials like kevlar, ChatGPT couldn’t solve it for me, but did help me figure out the right stuff to research to make a conclusion for myself

(Which also lead to a conversation where the AI was repeatedly insistent that I should not try to find sources of hydrochloric acid in the wild, or try to manufacture it myself.)

Outside of businesses overhyping what they’re able to do with it & concerns about the sources it draws from, it is definitely a fascinating creative tool

I’ve been keeping up with news about it, and also chatting with friends who work in computer science. Generally these friends get upset with how it’s presented, because these AI are basically really fancy auto-complete.

I’ve heard arguments for & against whether this & art AI are going to decimate the creative & white collar job markets. Have seen it happening to some extent, and also experienced a previous incarnation when improvements to speech-to-text AI really decimated transcription as a job.

To me it seems like some businesses acting the same as when QR codes became a thing, eventually people will realize it’s not a magic fix, and that yes they will still need himans to do some writing & graphic design

I have an academic background in microbiology and mycology but I have become somewhat RUSTy ! :wink: