Chat buddies in Cardiff area?

Hi guys - Jay ydw i and I’m going stir crazy here not being able to speak Welsh with anyone during lockdown!
Recently moved back to Cardiff from Nottingham and have been learning Welsh off and on for many years but recently dipped back into SSIW.
If there’s anyone out there who’d like a chat buddy to practise with over text/email/Skype/FaceTime or to start with chat on here that’d be great!

Hi Jay!
Have you joined our Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP) group on Slack? It’s open to anyone at any level, anywhere in the world, whether SSiWers or not - and I know there are some Cardiff members on there (as well as just about everywhere else!). You can have one-to-one chats or join group chats on video or just audio.
If you’d like an invite, email asking to join WSP and they’ll add you.

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Hi Jay, In addition to WSP that Siaron mentions above (which is brilliant by the way!) I know of a few Cardiff based chat groups.

I am living in Cardiff and used to go to a few chat groups here. They have all moved online (Zoom). There are chats at 1 pm on Mondays and Fridays, with ppl that used to meet in Howells. Also there is/was an evening one called Clonc yn y cwtch, which is the group that used to meet in Chapter Arts Centre from about 6pm on Mondays (I’ve not been that that one for a while tho). Also, there is a group that meets regularly on Wednesday at 1pm, although I have not been to that one either.

I go to the Monday and Friday lunchtime chats, and there are about 12-15 people, who are all friendly and very supportive. There are a couple fellow musicians/music teachers too! We use the break out room function to split off into smaller groups of 3-4 ppl for short 10 min chats making it much better to meet people and have a proper conversation.

If any of these are of interest to you, please let me know and I can sort you out with the links :slight_smile:

Hi Martin - I’d be very interested in the online groups (I’m planning on moving to Cardiff later this year and it would be useful to be able to speak with people who live there). Are they suitable for all levels of Welsh? I’m halfway through Level 1.

Hi Mike, sorry for the late reply. I’ve been offline for a couple days.
Yea there are people of all levels in the groups I have been in. I started going the to the twice-weekly chat group in James Howells in Cardiff and have met loads of friendly and supportive people! At the start I found it quite a challenge, but honestly it’s the best way to learn in my opinion. If you, like I can pass the link to the chats that happen on Monday and Friday at 1pm.

Thanks, Martin - that sounds just what I need! If you could provide a link that would be great.

Hi Mike, when I get the link tomorrow, Ill send it over to you.