Changes to the weekly meet up in mochyn du, cardiff

It is with regret that after discussing this weekly meet up with the most regular members, Ashley and Kev, we have agreed to change it to once a month. Monday nights in Cardiff still hold events for Welsh learners and speakers. Each week there is a large group of varying abilities in Chapter, Canton, and the third Monday of each month the Welsh Science Circle meets.

We will now meet the first Monday of every month, but if you intend visiting from afar, please let us know and we will try to arrange a special meet-up just for you. PM me ahead of time if at all possible.

So next Monday, 10th November, will be the last of our weekly meet ups.

I’m sorry that the momentum isn’t quite there at the moment, but thank you all for your huge efforts and enthusiasm in creating something which has been a really valuable touchpoint/goal for a lot of learners :thumbsup:

I hope that as we manage to promote ffrinDiaith more, and put more time and money into promoting groups, we’ll be able to help you move back to meeting more often :sunny:

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Hi Alison,
I’ll be there tonight so see you then :smile:

I’m planning to be there tonight too :smile:

Looking forward to seeing you all.

I am so sorry to hear that Alison. I was planning to pay a visit next Monday as I’m visiting Cardiff for a few days, but I wouldn’t expect you to hold one just for myself!
I hope tonight’s one goes well for you all and I hope one day in the not-too-distant future that I can attend one of the Cardiff monthly meets.
All the best

If you are coming, we will be there! At least, Phil and I will, and tonight I will ask the others who will be there too. I know that we have one new person tonight and two who have been on one previous occasion, plus Ashley and Kev? Meet ups with this interest may mean reverting to a weekly meet up! Let us know during the week of your definite intention.



If it’s definitely happening, then I will come!
I have just sent messages to a few June bootcampers to see if they can come along too. I know 2 of them could make it if they’re free, as they live in Cardiff, but one lives in Carmarthen, so it will depend if she happens to be in the area on the evening!
I will of course keep you updated in case anything changes though.

Are you coming tonight Gavin? Monday 17th November.

Helo Ali!
Yes! I will be there this evening! There may also be an appearance from a fellow June Bootcamper too!
Sorry about the late reply, been a proper tourist around Bae Caerdydd today! :smiley:


Look forward to seeing you there. I think that Sara and Julie will be there too.


Nice to meet you tonight Gavin. Shame there were only three of us, but that gave you plenty of opportunity to siarad Cymraeg! And you did that well! Chance for all of us to learn new words too and practice some of the north and south differences, south being the correct way to say things. :smile:

Pob lwc with your application forms. Looking forward to meeting you again the next time you visit Caerdydd.


Diolch Ali! Oedd e’n hyfryd eich cwrdd a chi ddwywaith hefyd! I had a lovely evening, speaking lots of Welsh, and I hope to catch you and the others sometime in the new year, once things have progressed. :smile:


Edrych ymlaen a weld ti eto yn fuan!


Helo Ali
I am new SSIWer in Cardiff, on lesson 13.
Are the monthly meetings still happening?

Yes Steve. Our next meeting is Monday 2nd February from 7pm to 8.30/9 pm. BUT we also meet the third Saturday of the month, so this coming Saturday. 10.30 am, 17th January. In Coffee#1, Wood Street. Just 2/3 minutes walk from Cardiff Central train station, we meet upstairs until 11.30/12. I will have to go at the earlier time this month as I am expecting visitors at lunch time.

Look forward to seeing you either Saturday or 2nd February.


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Diolch yn fawr
Bydda’in gweld ti ar y 2 Chwefror yn y Mochyn Du.

Hi Ali
regret cannot come to the SSIW Meet up Mochyn Du on 2 Feb - informed you I would previously - my apologies.
hope to get to the next one


Sorry we won’t get to meet again this month, but sometime soon maybe.


Hi, Is anyone planning to go tonight? I might get odd looks if I sit in the corner and mumble to myself in Welsh :smile:

Yes Phil and I will be there. May be a little late as have been talking on the phone with our granddaughters!