Chance to "Meet the Welsh Author" over Zoom

Guto Rhys announced yesterday (16/5/22) that he is planning to start up regular online sessions over Zoom with a guest author. They will be introduced and will read a chapter to you, before you have a chance to ask questions. This is a great opportunity for some of you who are already keen readers and into Welsh novels. Here’s the information from Guto:

Rydw i’n bwriadu cynnal cyfres reolaidd ar Zoom, gydag awduron poblogaidd.

Cael cyflwyniad byr, cael yr awdur i ddarllen pennod a chyfle wedyn i holi.

Byddwn i’n gofyn rhyw £3-5 i fynychu ar-lein.

Faint ohonoch fyddai â diddordeb?

Efallai nosweithiau Iau 19h30. Ai dyma’r amser gorau?

If you’re on Facebook you can contact Guto Rhys there, or by emailing him on