Hello. I have only started SSiW in July of this year. I have a question that may have been answered before but I will ask again because I am only starting out. When should the Challenge portion of the course be used? After the completion of Course 1? During? I find that some of it seems advanced as I have only just completed course 1, and some of it seems relative to course 1.

Hiya NicolaY! The “Levels”, containing “Challenges”, are the new-format version of the course, which take a slightly different approach regarding which kinds of things to introduce and when. The “Courses”, containing “Lessons”, are the old version. Both are entirely self-contained though, and certainly the challenges aren’t designed to “follow on from” the old courses as such. If anything I’d say that the two versions complement each other rather than one being a continuation of the other.

In any case, don’t worry if some of the stuff in the challenges seems advanced compared to Course 1 - that’s just because it’s starting straight off with some more useful stuff :slight_smile:


Ok. Diolch! I am afraid that I can’t access any of it right now as I am having some technical issues. No Iestyn and his fabulous accent for me today? The day is lost.

Sorry, I see this didn’t get an answer, Nicola - are you still having problems?

I thought “technical issues” are those of @NicolaY is aware of what they are and considder phone, computer or Internet so I didn’t respond. And it might be I wouldn’t be able to help anyway so I have wait on someone more techy then me. :slight_smile: Sorry.

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Hi All,
Technical problems were resolved. It was my internet connection and nothing to do with SSi site. Thanks for following up though.


I thought so because you’ve expressed things like that. Happy problems are resolved so you can finally enjoy in Iestyn and Cat’s “accent”. :slight_smile:

Hwyl! :slight_smile:

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