Challenges Lefel 3

I’m re-doing Lefel 3 but I’m finding at Challenge 20 onwards, the lesson gets stopped at some point. An ‘X’, appears in front of L3Welsh and there’s no further dialogue. Has anyone else got, or had this problem? If so, how did they solve it?

Hi @harvey_fudge, no one has flagged this particular place as being an issue, but just lately a couple of people have had a similar issue with other random Challenges.

I’ve flagged it up to the Tech Team and asked for it to be investigated.

In the meantime, have you tried downloading the Challenge first, then playing it offline?

Hi @harvey_fudge - can I check a few things?

  • Are you playing this in the inline players that are part of the website (as opposed to using one of the apps or downloading the files)?
  • When you say “stopped at some point”, do you mean that it gets part way through the lesson, and then stops randomly in the middle of the lesson?

I’ve just enabled some additional logging on our servers; could you please have another go and let us know either here or via email to when you encounter the problem again, and what time it happened? Thanks!

Yes to both of your questions. Thanks.

Thanks Deborah. I’m not sure I can do doing it off line; not sure what it means. I’m a creature of habit…

It seems my answer went to Deborah. Yes, to both of your questions. Thanks a lot.

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yes, 1010pm. everything seems to be working fine now. Thank you so much; I’m very grateful.

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Ive been having this problem with too but i have been doing the old course vocab 6 and 7 and thought it had something to do with the old course, i downloaded the lessons and the played ok, hopefully its ok now

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