Challenge 8 level 1

Hi I’ve just started challenge 8 but feel I’ve missed something between 7 and 8 as using words not previously heard or can be found on the vocab list. Am I missing something and if so where can I find it.

Hi, could you give an example?

Hi the words that not heard or listed so far are done, doing, again, said, and long.

Hi Kathryn, did you know that if you use the website, you can see the vocabulary from each challenge? I’ve just taken a quick look and to do, again, you do, you have done are all on challenge 6, and you said and how long is on challenge 7 (I do the southern course, but I imagine that both courses follow the same vocab). Maybe you could have another run through those sessions, just to practise those words you’re not sure of. It could be that because they are often learned in phrases rather than individual words, that you have missed them xx

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Hi Thanks for that I have some how completely missed challenge 6 and yes I like to print the vocab list so I can refer to it and get and idea of how words look

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