Challenge 7

Hello, I have just completed challenge 7 and I am confused about some things. I am hoping someone can clear them up for me. “You said” is being taught as “dwedest ti”. I have come across the short form past tense of regular verbs in books as both:
Ais i. Es i
Aist ti. Est ti
Odd e/hi. Odd e/hi
On ni. On ni
Och chi. Och chi
On nhw. On nhw

Clearly est ti is being used in SSIW but are they both right?

Also I read that “Gwnest ti ddechrau” would be a statement and “wnest ti ddechrau” is the way to ask a question. Is this wrong as the same construction is used for question and statement in challenge 7? I am so confused, can anyone help please. Thank you

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Helo Simon,

The past ending varies according to whether you’re writing formally or speaking casually. In everyday speech it sounds like es i and est ti so that’s what we use.

Also in more formal Welsh you’ll get statements like Gwnest ti ddechrau but in everyday casual Welsh it’s not common to hear the beginning of such words, and most people pronounce the statement and question versions the same, with tone of voice indicating which it is.

Our course is based very much on the way people naturally speak, so if you go with it, you’ll sound like a natural Welsh speaker :slight_smile:


Hello Deborah

Thank you for clearing that up for me. I am so glad I started this course, though I still haven’t worked up the nerve to join one of the classes yet.

Pop into a Q&A session Simon! After the questions are dealt with we practise creating sentences with the Welsh from early Level 1 - a gentle introduction to speaking Welsh in front of others :slight_smile:

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Hi Deborah,
Thank you for the invite to Q&A sessions. I am ashamed to say that I have not joined any of these session and I have just completed challenge 13. It is a combination of being very nervous about trying to speak Welsh to other people and being very confused about the technology being used. I am embarrassed to admit that I don’t use Facebook or Twitter or any of the other social media platforms. This forum is the first platform I have used and I am still not confident using it.
Am I now too late to join the Q&A sessions or should I be doing something else? I feel I am probably missing out on a very important part of the course and that I must overcome my nerves.
I know I got an invite to “Slack” at the beginning of the course. I did briefly look at it and then kept telling myself I would do it next week. Fourteen weeks later and oh dear.

Thank you for the help you have given me in the past.

Helo @simon-francis, I’ve sent you a message from inside Slack to help you find your way in. It should come to you as an email notification and you’ll be able to click on it and get to my message.

It’s fine to come to the Q&A sessions. The first part is for anyone to ask questions, then in the second part we just practise some of the Welsh from the early Challenges.

Helo Deborah, thank you for your message and advice. I am going to try and join the Questions and Answers session tomorrow from 9-10am. I have downloaded Zoom on to my iPad and I believe I will need to click on a link in Slack tomorrow. Hopefully I will manage to join the session, technology being willing. Thank you again for your help.