Challenge 24 Level 1 Southern

Can someone please explain why it’s “alla i” instead of “galla i” in the phrase below in Challenge 24 of Level 1:

“I want to understand how I can help you” is “Dw i’n moyn deall sut alla i dy help di” (15:24)

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Hi @diana-allpress

Because this is a question form - of a ‘verb with an ending’…

“…how / in what way…am I able to help you?”

…so soft mutation with no ddim (negative) no affirmative marker (affirmative statement).

However, in a conversation you would be very lucky to hear a ‘g’ in a form which has an ending added - even statements. (People can always say there is an ‘affirmative marker’ - Fe (or Mi) which caused the mutation - which they didn’t bother to say if you try to pin them down! :grin:)

Rich :slight_smile:

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Diolch! :grinning:

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