Challenge 16s - Yes and No

I’m a bit hard of hearing, so I rely on the vocab for each challenge to make sure that I’m really hearing what I think I am. Unfortunately yes and no aren’t in the vocab and I can’t quite make out what is being said. “Yes, I want to read this book” sounds like “Ydw, dw i’n moyn darllen y llyfr 'ma”, but I cannot for the life of me hear the “no” in “No, I don’t want to watch that film.” I would have thought it would have been “nac ydw”, but it’s definitely not that.

Anyone put me out of my misery?

Yes, the full form would be nac ydw (and there’s no problem using that), but in the Southern dialect it comes out as nagw, which is what Iestyn and Cat are saying in the challenge. (It can also sound like nadw in other areas)

Thank you, that makes perfect sense. My brain and my ears are now in relative harmony once more.