Challenge 16

I feel that I am getting on really well. Thank you very much. However I am having some difficulty in hearing the difference in certain areas between he and she. For example: he told me that he wanted and he told me that she wanted. I believe that it is something to do with ev and et in the phrase but it sounds very similar. Thank you

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Hi @martin-powis

Are you doing the northern or southern course?


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Thank you. I am doing southern as far as I am aware

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Ok so on the southern course, he would be ‘e’ which might be ‘bod e’ or bo’ fe - if the bod meaning ‘that’ is shortened - perhaps that is what you are hearing…and she would be ‘hi’.

So, for example ‘he told me that she wanted’ would be:

Dwedodd e wrtha ’i bo’ hi’n moyn…,

… that he wanted would be

Dwedodd e wrtha ’i bo’ fe’n moyn…

Or…Dwedodd e wrtha ’i bod e’n moyn…

I’m not too sure which is used in this challenge…

Have you noticed that there is a vocab list with examples for each challenge?

…it’s a little red speech bubble with lines in on my iPhone app (if you are using an App)

Rich :slight_smile:

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If you press the little red speech bubble (under the challenge number in the screen shot below) you get the word list shown underneath that…

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