Challenge 16 'Someone who told me..."?

For ‘someone who told me…’
In a previous challenge we were given 'rhywun ddwedodd wrtha i".
Suddenly in this one we get ‘rhywun na ddweud wrtha i’ (Is that 'na? from wnaith? - we are given no clue, I’m guessing.)
The above is what I hear as there is nothing in the vocabulary/example list.
And why has it changed? If the 2 are interchangeable it would have been helpful in the lesson to have said this or include it in the vocab list. If they are not, then, please, what is the difference?

There are different ways of saying past tense in Welsh.

One is to use a ‘preterite’ tense of the verb itself - this is what dwedodd is, which is how you get rhywun ddwedodd wrtha i
Another way is to use the preterite tense of gwneud + an auxiliary verb - this is what wnaith ddweud is, which is how you get rhywun wnaith ddweud wrtha i.

They are interchangeable, as are lots of phrases in Welsh, but it I imagine it would make the lessons much too long or the vocabulary lists far too confusing to include all the variations every time it happens.

Thank you for the helpful reply. :slight_smile:

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