Challenge 16 someone who told me

Hello, In challenge 14 and 15 I learned that “someone who told me” is “rhywun dwedodd wrtha’i” but in challenge 16 I hear: “rhywun ma (?) dweud” that I would translate as: someone who TELLS me. Is this correct?

They’re saying something else: rhywun wnaeth ddweud wrtha i, and it means the same, someone who told me.

There are two ways to form the past tense: in one you conjugate the verb itself, leading to the form you are familiar with. In the other way, the verb is left in its verbnoun state, combined with the conjugated auxilliary verb gwneud (to do).

In the present tense you’d use sy’/sydd, a special form of the verb to be:
Mae rhywun draw fan’co sy’n dweud bo’fi’n dwp!There is someone over there who says that I’m stupid!

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thank you for the clear answer and the explanation of the use of the verb to be :blush: