Challenge 13 help

Ive made it to level 1 challenge 13. Now i’m stuck. Despite replaying over and over again i can’t really hear the word spoken at the start of the sentence. Many of the phrases are ‘he wanted’ ‘she wanted’
Also the words for ‘to tell you/me’.
I feel as though ive come this far but am getting a little despondent. I would be so grateful for some help.

Is it the North or the South course that you’re following?
If you could give me some time markers, I’ll have a listen and check, but without actually listening, these are what I’d expect -

oedd o isio i mi ddweud wrthot ti – he wanted me to tell you
oedd o isio i ti ddweud wrthaf fi – he wanted you to tell me
oedd e’n moyn i fi ddweud wrthot ti – he wanted me to tell you
oedd e’n moyn i ti ddweud wrtha’i – he wanted you to tell me

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As (young) people like to say these days, I feel you Gill.

I had real trouble as well, internalizing those constructs. But, as everyone here keeps saying, Trust the process. Those terms WILL embed themselves in your brain. Cheers :grinning:

Thanks both for your help. I keep plodding on and think i might be getting there slowly.
ALSO… Bydda fe. I cant remember this ever being explained. (Perhaps it was and u was asleep)