Challenge 11

does anyone have one have any tips for level 1 challenge 11. I am finding it extremely hard and I am hitting a massive roadblock. Any tips and advise would be very much appreciated.

Just move onto the next one, you’ll probably be surprised how much has actually stuck after you move onto something new.

Yes thank you but putting the words together is more the problem

I found challenge 11 hard but I just went over it again and again :joy:.
I know you’re supposed to move on quicker than that but I’m old and need to repeat more often I think!
I found eventually it started to fit together. Good luck.:grinning:

I think everyone has challenges which don’t seem to go into their heads, but the course is structured so that you come back to everything later - that either helps you learn it or surprises you with how much you can remember. I did most of the challenges a few times but I didn’t always get everything right before I moved on. Don’t be disheartened - you’ll get there.

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thanks for the advise

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It looks like we are all in the same kettle of fish. I have to remind myself constantly that little children listen, understand, and even respond long before they verbalize. In particular, I always want to be exceedingly good and not just progressing the way I am supposed to! I suppose that means that I. as well should be pleased with the fact that I almost said the right thing!