Challenge 11 level 1

what a complete turnaround- the beginning of challenge 11 completely threw me off kilt as the difference with using fe threw the rest of the sentence off a while- despite me knowing a lot of it through and through! But then in the second half i really enjoyed it- I found it straight forward putting those “dyn” and “fe” sentences together! :relaxed:
however it made me realise I’ve been saying a sentence wrong on my postcards - I’ve been saying “mae M.E. gyda fi” instead of “mae gyda fi M.E.”- hopefully everyone knows what I meant though - oops! :slightly_smiling_face:

‘Mae gyda fi x’ is exactly equivalent to ‘Mae x gyda fi’. The second is what I learned in a conventional course, here in S Wales. Don’t worry about it.

To complicate things ‘having’ an illness is, sometimes, but not always

Mae x arna i

I have a cold = Mae annwyd arna i.

I have tonsilitis = Mae tonsilitis arna i.

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diolch margaret - so do you think I should use arna or gyda to say “I have M.E.” - or are both ok in this instance?

According to Welsh Rules, by Heini Gruffudd it’s ‘ar’ with illnesses and ‘gyda’ with body parts,
Mae ME arna i, arnat ti, arno fe, arni hi, arnon ni, arnoch chi, arnyn nhw

(ar = on, in this case)


Mae pen tost, cefn tost, poen bol, gyda fi

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thanks Margaret