Challenge 11 - He's going to talk about something else with me


Sorry me again!

How should the above phrase be said in Spanish? In the recording it is said " El va a comensar hablar algo mas conmigo", would that not be “he’s going to start to talk about something else with me”? Sorry just confused.

Also is there a word for “about”?



Hallo David,

I’m not a Spanish speaker, only an other learner, but I think you’re right. at about 5.45 in the recording, right?
The Spanish sentence should be: El va a hablar de algo mas conmigo. The “de” after hablar is here the word for “about”.

Hi Brigitte

Yeah its around about that time.

I’m no Spanish speaker either but its good that the forum is here.

How are you getting on with the course?

Yes, sorry about that. Brigitte is right; the sentence comes at 6:09 in Challenge 11, and the translation should be:smile:

“El va a hablar de algo mas conmigo”

There are many translation for “about” depending on the context: “de”, “sobre”, “acerca de”, “con respecto a”, but we tend to favor “de” as it is the most natural choice for the phrases we have introduced.


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Muchos gracias Gaby

Hi David,
I agree, the forum is a good place and I wished, that more people used it, like the Welsh-forum.
I started to learn Spanish with the old course and I tried to use my little knowledge in a 5-days trip to Mallorca, but there most people’s English or German was better than my Spanish.
Now I learn with the new Level 1 and 2 and I’m waiting impatiently for every new lesson.