Challenge 08 - Pam o'hir

Sorry, I’m new to the forum. I’ve been using the app on Android for a while and have started on the new course online. Because the format has changed I’ve dropped back from Lesson 21 to Challenge 08 so I can pick it up.

Anyway, one of the phrases was “how long you’ve been learning.” The translation for this seems to be “pam o’hir…”

I know I should just accept it and move on, but can anyone help me with how this works. I expected it to be sut o’hir…" or the like.

Thanks for any help.

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“Pa mor …” is a way of saying how in this situation.

“Pa mor hir wyt ti 'di bod yn dysgu?”
How long have you been learning?

This is taken from the BBC Wales catchphrase website …

"There are two ways of translating the question form How

Sut /Pa mor

Sut is always followed by a verb form:

Sut wyt ti? - How are you?
Sut roedd y tywydd? - How was the weather?
Sut byddi di’n teithio? - How will you be travelling?
Sut gorffennodd y gêm? - How did the game finish?
Sut baset ti’n dweud? - How would you say?

The other form for How is Pa mor?
Pa mor is always followed by an adjective

Pa mor hen ydy e? - How old is he?
Pa mor hwyr fyddi di? - How late will you be?
Pa mor bell ydy hi i Fangor? - How far is it to Bangor?"


Diolch yn fawr. Dw i’n gallu deall e nawr.


How cool is it that after 8 sessions, you can say, “Thank you greatly. I can understand it now.”