Challenge 01 - level 1 (south)

What is the word ‘moyn’ doing in the sentence ‘i want’. I thought ‘eisiau’ was the word for ‘want’?

Hiya Ashley

I was taught eisiau = want at school (S Wales) but I think in practice it is the North Walians who use eisiau for want and angen for need. In S Wales, I believe it’s more usual for eisiau to mean need.

Bit confusing I know!


Edit: I guess if you were to mix them up in speech, it wouldn’t matter that much since the meanings are similar.


By my knowledge “moyn” is more Southern and “eisiau” more Northern word in this context. In South version you’ll hear the word “moyn” a lot. If the explanation isn’t clear enough in Levels (new material) then listen up the first lesson of old Course 1 where I think it’s more explained why and how.

Hope it helps.

Tatjana :slight_smile:

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Yes, in general in the South -
Moyn = Want
Isiau = Need
Rhaid = Must

The challenges will show you how these fit into sentences.

Friends from the North will be fully aware of the slight regional difference in words, and will understand what is meant - in much the same way as is the case with English dialects.