Challanges in say something in Dutch

I’ve been working on say something in Dutch for a while now, I’m on Course 01 and doing the challenges, I sometimes preview upcoming challenges to gauge myself and to get ready for the unknown… if you happen to go on challenge 7 at the beginning it says that you about 1/3 through the lesson, So where is the rest of Course 01 ??? at the end of challenge 7 it motivate you to go on " we’ll see you in challenge 8", but there is no #8. can anyone help me with this? there is only challenge 1-7. Thanks


I’m afraid you’ve got to where we’ve reached with Dutch - we’ve been hanging on waiting for our new course creation software to be ready, which has taken a lot longer than we initially expected - but we’re now hoping to have it ready by the summer, and I know Louis is keen to press on and make more lessons then… :slight_smile:


Yes indeed!