Chalenge 16 level 1

For “yes I enjoyed it” I hear two things. For “Yes” I hear “Do” in stead of “ydw” as learned earlier in this lesson. And what is the proper translation for the whole sentense? I hear: “Do, joies i fe”. Is this correct? “Fe” actually is “e” (it)?

S’mae! Welcome to the mad, mad world of yes and no in Welsh…

Do is yes in the past tense. My Welsh teacher points backwards to the door behind her as she says it. That might help you to remember.
Naddo is the negative.

Does that help?

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Frannie is spot on - ‘do’ is yes in the past tense (in this case, “yes I did”) whereas ydw is one of the present tense 'yes’s (i.e. “yes I do”)

Yes, that’s right. Bear in mind though that sometimes you’ll hear ‘hi’ instead of fe/e and this also means ‘it’, just the feminine version.

Thank you both very much. Very helpfull.

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