Cervantes Theatre - Londres (London)

If you live in or near London, the Cervantes Institute stages theatre performances - in Spanish, or English performances of works by Spanish authors.

At the moment, they are presenting The Island by Juan Carlos Rubio. It runs until Oct 21. This is a synopsis from the website:

It’s a story about whether you can measure love. Do you think we can, Samuel? Can we measure love?’

Ada and Laura are two parents anxiously waiting for news about their son’s condition after a devastating accident. The prospect of his death is terrifying, but it offers the possibility of a new freedom and the chance to rebuild their shattered relationship.

‘Am I a monster for thinking like this? Please God, tell me. Am I?

THE ISLAND explores the conflict between who we are, and ‘who we ought to be’ in a haunting story about the fragility, and the resilience, of the human spirit.

For more information on this performance, and to see what is coming up, go to Cervantes Theatre.