Celtic knotwork coloring sheets

Since many of us are stuck at home we’ve been seeing lots of ideas for things to keep busy. I’ve seen coloring sheets especially for kids, but what about us grownups? Well, if you like celtic knotwork, and crosses, and the like, Enlightened-art.com has made 16 coloring sheets available as free PDFs based on the celtic crosses in its inventory. You’ll find a link at the top of the home page to the “Celtica” section of the website, where you can download any or all of them. If you want to look at the different crosses first, they’re right there on that page as well.

[full disclosure - Enlightened Art is a side business of my husband, Jim. You are welcome to look around at the other things on the website, all of which are available for purchase if you’re interested, but the coloring sheets are still free.]


As an example, here is one of the more complicated patterns that I did with colored pencils.


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