CEFR Language Levels

Just a passing thought - do the SSiW levels correspond, loosely perhaps, with the levels of the European framework for languages? That is, A1, A2… through C2. I don’t really need to know this, of course, just being curious!

Nope, afraid not! By the time someone’s got to the end just of Level 1, they’re already very difficult to classify along European lines, flickering merrily between B1 and C1 depending on how much conversational exposure they’ve had… :slight_smile:


True to Welsh non conformist tradition, SSiW is in a class of its own.
Just as I thought… and I like it.
Da iawn!


Diolch! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

…while at the same time possibly not being able to write a single word of the language “correctly”, if they’ve been doing it “right”!

SSiW is quite a different animal than the “reading, writing, listening, speaking = four skills” classroom approach.

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