CD of Traditional Welsh Songs

When trying to find a simple CD of traditional Welsh songs, I have found it surprisingly difficult to find one which is both entirely sung in Welsh and which does not try to “jazz up” the songs too much, losing their original spirit and appeal.

What I have been trying to find is a simple choral (possibly with organ/instrumentation) album of songs such as Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, Calon Lân, Gwahoddiad, etc. and I have been surprised to find that, despite the number of albums produced by male voice choirs, none that I can find is traditional and sung entirely in Welsh.

Does anyone know of such an album?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I bought this one on Amazon. Cerys Mathews singing the ones you mentioned and more.

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Tir is the album that sprung to my mind too.

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Many thanks for the suggestions - other suggestions are also very welcome, especially if there are any choral equivalents.

Incidentally, when looking for albums, I have also noticed that the fantastic tenor Trystan Llyr Griffiths also sings some less well-known songs in Welsh.

Or try fiddle and accordeon duo, ‘TORETH’ (Fflach records)