Catrin on Dei Thomas discussing Mam Bach

Great to hear Catrin on Dei Tomos ! and reading part of her story ( towards end of programme)
I’m going to by a copy, Heard Stefan Manon Ross ( sorry if spelt wrong) read hers today on Sian Cofi’s programme too, well worth a listen. Good luck with your writing Catrin its lovely.


Diolch yn fawr iawn fo’r sharing the link and for your kind words! :smile:


Catrin I really enjoyed your story - well done. I went back into the shop that I bought it from because I go in there a lot and they are very patient with my practising Welsh. I tried to explain to her that you had written this story and who you were because I thought she might then recommend it to people for Sul y Mamau. I told her that the publishers had suggested that you write a novel and I was looking forward to reading it. I said I thought it was the best in the book now I had read them all. We also talked about short stories - which I usually find hard because I don’t have time to get to know what is going on without looking up lots of words - and novels which have a beginning, middle and end.

At the moment I am into detective stories because they move quite quickly and they are trying to think up the next one for me when I have finished the exam (Canolradd - probably a bit ambitious but the other two were alright). I have now read all the ones by John Alwen Griffiths (apparently he is writing another this summer) and Geraint Evans (set around here in Aberystwyth) and will probably read them all again.

Good luck Catrin with the writing.


Hey @CatrinLliarJones, it wasn’t just me…:wink:

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That means the absolute world to me, thank you so very much! Having people tell me they had pleasure from reading my story, and/or that it made them laugh is priceless .

Diolch o waelod calon for taking time to reply to this thread and for being so generous!

I am in the sun room writing as we speak - can’t wait to publish the novel!!! :grinning: :books: :pen_ballpoint: :eyeglasses: :heart: