Categories and Topics Online Eisteddfod 2019

We’ve welcomed Nia’s creativity into the Eisteddfod organisation this year, so for the first time we have a theme! All of this year’s categories will be related in some way to ‘Travelling’ and here they are:

Welsh language prose (2 levels)

Beginner - prose entries of up to 200 words for people who have NOT YET started SSiW Course 3 (old) or Level 2 (new) or attended any Welsh for Adults classes beyond Mynediad.

Write a postcard to a friend about a trip you’ve made – real or imaginary

Post-beginner - prose entries of up to 750 words, open to everyone, on the following topic:

"Fy hoff daith”

Music review (2 levels)

Beginner - A short review, up to a maximum of 250 words, written in English, about a Welsh language band/musical artist/album you have heard. This category is for those who are not yet able to write in Welsh, and the review should aim to recommend Welsh music to other beginners.

Post-beginner - A short review, up to a maximum of 500 words, written in Welsh, about a Welsh language band/musical artist/album.

Welsh language poetry (2 categories)

Short poem - max 20 lines, written in free verse, on the topic " Taith hunllefus! "

Englyn milwr – this is a short 3-line poem, each line having 7 syllables and rhyming at the end. In our Eisteddfod, this is optionally a verbal poetry category. If you’re not confident about writing in Welsh, you’re welcome to record your englyn on SoundCloud and submit the sound file.

An explanation of the form can be found here: 2. Englyn milwr or the soldier’s englyn - Welsh Verse - Poetry Magnum Opus

Here is an example to give you the idea:

Welais i fy ffrind bach i
Ddod allan o’r hen dŷ du
Pwy sy’n nesa ‘te? Dim fi!

And to start you off, here’s your first line. Just create the next two and you’re done!

Wrth fynd am daith un diwrnod

As this is a verbal art form, the number of syllables goes with the pronunciation – so “dw i’n” counts as one. To help you find words to rhyme at the end, have a look at the online rhyming dictionary - Odliadur

Photography / Visual art

A photograph, drawing, painting, electronic art, poster, on a travel theme


Recitation of the set poem " Darllen y map yn iawn " by Twm Morys

You can download the words to the poem here Darllen y map yn iawn – Gov.Wales and hear a recitation of the poem on YouTube – Adrodd: Darllen y map yn iawn – Gladys Thomas

What’s your opinion?

This is a special category for those who wish to focus on their speaking skills. It is purely a verbal category, so you just need to speak your opinion, in Welsh, and record it on SoundCloud. The instructions are on the forum if you’re not sure how to do that.

The topic is “ Ddylen ni stopio hedfan? ” and the recording can be up to a maximum of 5 minutes long.

Singing (2 categories)

SoloistTraws Cambria

This is a beautiful Welsh song by Steve Eaves. You can hear it sung and see the lyrics in Welsh and English at Traws Cambria .

GroupWrth fynd efo Deio i Dywyn

This is a singing category for more than one person together, i.e. from a duet up to a small group.

The lively song for this category is classed as ‘Irish’ on this website, but it’s definitely Welsh! You can see the lyrics there in Welsh and English, plus it gives you the guitar chords and basic melody.

You can download the complete Categories and Topics document here: Categories and Rules 2019.pdf (365.1 KB)

Here are the lyrics for the 2 Singing categories plus the musical score for Traws Cambria: Singing Items.pdf (668.7 KB)

Y Lolfa who hold the copyright for the book 100 o Ganeuon Pop have given permission for me to share the page with the musical score for Traws Cambria with you for the purposes of the Online Eisteddfod.
The book is available to purchase from Y Lolfa at 100 o Ganeuon Pop


Da iawn @nia.llywelyn! Dw i di gwirioni licio’r syniad o theme!


I’ve updated the first post today - a slight change to the wording of a couple of categories, and I’ve had permission from Y Lolfa to share the musical score for Traws Cambria with you. If you’re interested in purchasing the book, the link is also there for you to do that.

Oh rats. Here was me thinking I had been all clever, working on a couple of short stories for this over the past few months - but of course they don’t fit the theme :roll_eyes:

Back to the drawing board.

Can you tweak them to fit the theme?

When’s the closing date?

That’s what my husband said! Not sure - it’d be a stretch. :grimacing:

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The Submission Period will run from 4th to 15th November

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No Cerdd Dant this year?

And do entrants have to sing all six verses of Wrth Fynd Efo Deio?

No I don’t think so. However, I’ll double check with @Deborah-SSi

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No, you can decide how much you want to sing, but it should include the main verses to tell the story

Sorry about the Cerdd Dant. It hasn’t been hugely popular, though I’ve very much enjoyed the entries, and we thought we’d vary it a little this year to see if that encourages more people to participate.

If there’s a demand for Cerdd Dant, I’d be happy to see it back again next year :slight_smile:

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@Deborah-SSi Well I’d like to see it come back, I wanted to try it last year but the window is quite short and I ran out of time :slight_smile:

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Prose Post-beginner says “on one of the following” But, there is Only One to choose from! Is this correct?

Apologies for that, it’s just that one topic.


Sorry, Anthony is right - that was a typo, but thanks for pointing it out as it may confuse others! I’ve fixed it now :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the explanation. Just one query: what is a beginner? I am mid Level 2 (new course). You seemed to say today that Levels 1 and Level 2 were beginner, but the text above makes it sound as if it’s only the old course Level 2 pawb who would be beginners. I feel like a beginner, still, so am hoping that Level 2 qualifies as such… Diolch!

We just give ‘levels’ etc to give a vague idea to people, but really it’s how you feel and we trust people to do the right thing and judge for themselves whether they have reached the point of being ‘post-beginner’. No one is going to check :slight_smile:

Fair enough @Deborah-SSi - though I’d rather be above board! Given it’s my first Eisteddfod, and the only way in which I’ll dare / be able to have a go, I am much more a beginner-fit, I reckon!