Categories and Topics Online Eisteddfod 2016

Categories and Topics SSiW Eisteddfod 2016

Submissions accepted: from October 24th to November 13th

Available Categories

Welsh language prose (2 levels)

Beginner - prose entries of up to 100 words for people who have not yet started Course 3 or Level 2 (New) or attended Welsh for Adults classes beyond Mynediad, on the topic “Pam dysgu Cymraeg?

Post-beginner - prose entries of up to 500 words, open to everyone, on the topic “Sut i hybu defnydd yr iaith

Book review (2 levels)

Beginner - A short book review, up to a maximum of 500 words, written in English, about a book you have read in Welsh. This category is for those who are fairly new to reading in Welsh, and the review should aim to present a book useful to others who are just starting to have a go at reading.

Post-beginner - A short book review, up to a maximum of 500 words, written in Welsh, for learners that are enjoying reading in Welsh and would like to share a favourite book with others.

Welsh language poetry (2 categories)

Short poem - max 20 lines, written free verse, on the topic “Gwlad

Englyn milwr – this is a short 3-line poem, each line having 7 syllables and rhyming at the end. In our Eisteddfod, this is a verbal poetry category, so everyone can have a go.

An explanation of the form can be found here: 2. Englyn milwr or the soldier’s englyn - Welsh Verse - Poetry Magnum Opus

Here is an example to give you the idea:

Welais i fy ffrind bach i
Ddod allan o’r hen dŷ du
Beth sy’n nesa ‘te? Y ci?

And to start you off, here’s your first line. Just create the next two and you’re done!

Wedi blino’n racs ydw i

Photography / Visual art

A photograph, drawing, painting, electronic art, poster, on a Welsh theme


Recitation of a set poem “Glas” by Bryan Martin Davies

You can find the words to the poem here and hear a recitation of the poem by
clicking on the ‘Video’ link.

A different recitation of the same poem can be found at Glas gan Bryan Martin Davies - YouTube

Oral Presentation

Introductory - (up to 5 minutes long) for entrants who have not yet started SSiW Course 3 / Level 2 (New) or attended Welsh for Adults classes beyond Mynediad. The topic is your own choice.

Singing (2 categories)

Traditional Song - ‘Mil harddach wyt’ – the lyrics are available at Mil Harddach

Listen to different renditions at Plethyn: 'Mil Harddach Wyt' - YouTube and Mil Harddach (A traditional Welsh lullaby) - YouTube

Cerdd Dant - This is a traditional form of Welsh singing where the singer sings a different, but complementary, tune to the one played by the harp. The harp starts first, then the singer joins in. Here is an example of Cerdd Dant from the 2013 National Eisteddfod unawd cerdd dant eisteddfod 2013 001 - YouTube

The harp tune for you to sing to is called ‘Morfa’r Frenhines’ and is given below. You may use any Welsh song you like to go with the tune.