Cat on S4C today - Tuesday

A quick heads up to you all.

The beautiful Cat, voice of the southern SSiW course, will be on Prynhawn Da this afternoon, talking about how learning Welsh has changed her life. The programme is on S4C from 14:05, and will be available on catch-up sometime after 15:00

Actually, that gives you a double dose of SSiWers today, because I’ve just spotted that Nicky (Learner of the Year finalist and all round hero) will be on Radio Cymru with Gary Owen some time after 13:00. There’s your early afternoon sorted then!



Looking forward to Cat!

Without doing a spoiler, I’ve already recorded my part - I did mention SSIW, hope it survives the cut!!

If you are down at the studio with Cat, enjoy it! I had a whale of a time! Was so cool to see how they actually put the programme together (i.e all the chats being live, but the cutaways and stuff being filmed earlier on!) - How the producers pull the programme together is amazing, as you’ll see!


Just heard the invitations to call in to the Radio Station and the words “dysgu/ beth wyt ti’n gneud i helpi dysgwr” so assume this where you come in :wink:

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I believe so. After the nuclear mud, they will be talking about Welsh for Adults new “Siarad” programme… which is incredibly similar to my Adopt a Learner programme :smiley:


Amazing - I’ll keep an ear out for ya mate!

Well, unfortunately SSIW got the cut - but hopefully Cat can represent in a few minutes!

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I actually heard SSiW be mentioned by someone talking on there…it wasn’t you but it was defeinitely mentioned :smiley:

If Gary Owen didn’t speak about 4 times as fast as a normal person i’d be able to follow haha.

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I’ll catch Cat on Clic tonight. It’ll be nice to see how much I can understand when it’s a voice I’m already familiar with. I hope she spoke s-l-o-w-l-y and CLEARLY for us learners!

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I am doing and hoping the same Stephen!

7.50ish for your Cat-related viewing needs!


Diolch yn fawr, Nicky! Wna i wylio hi ar ôl gwaith!

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Thanks to @Nicky for the link. It was lovely to see and hear the “beautiful Cat” talking with such clarity and composure. Is it possible that her Welsh is now better than Iestyn’s? :laughing:
I was interested to learn about her new venture Glawrious and I wish her “pob lwc” with this.


It was about the ffrindiaeth link, but I’m not sure if that is even still live.

I liked the bit from Nicky, where he said he had Welsh speakers and learners from all over the world - the US, Germany and Canada - even Pontypridd.


Wow thanks for the link Nicky. That was the first tv yn Cymraeg that I basically followed all the way through and understood. Very motivational talk from Cat and nice to put a face to a name (and voice haha) :nerd_face:.

Da iawn, Cat ti’n seren! I hope you enjoyed the experience and I look forward to hearing more about your new business venture!

The Pontypridd bit got some right laughs from the host!

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Da iawn @catdafydd.

I’m so happy to see you and to hear about your new business to start. Pob lwc! . And … thank you for all. Because of you also I still am here around learning and speaking Welsh (well to be honest, more thinking in Welsh than speaking though).

Tatjana :slight_smile:

Well done Cat & Nicky. I really enjoyed listening to you both.


Thanks all! I really enjoyed filming it - everyone in the studio is so friendly.

I may have gone a little heavy on a conversation with the researcher about how amazing our learners are and that she only needs to join the forum to be inspired by all manner of stories! They’re keen to get more learners on to the show and said they’re keen to keep in touch - this could be a stepping stone to fame for many of you :slight_smile:


You should probably add “for you in Wales”.

Pepole are cruising allover my little country and I don’t believe there’s no one from Wales and also I believe the BBC Cymru and S4C people for that matter are among them but I doubt they’d be keen to engage with one single lonely woman in one really little country who has actually nothing to contribute to any cause regarding Welsh languag but the solely that one of speaking it.

And yes, well done once again. I enjoyed listening to you and I (believe) understood more or less everything. I’d wish more of you appearing elswhere on TV or radio. :slight_smile: I am also very happy I could see this on International ground. :slight_smile:

Dal ati @catdafydd!

Tatjana :slight_smile: