Cas-gwent (Chepstow) SE Monmouthshire

Come and practice speaking Welsh

SSiW coffee morning - Meetings are held the fourth Saturday of each month 10.30 - 12.00 in the Lime Tree, St Mary’s Street, Chepstow, table 19.

Breakfast Club organised by Menter Iaith at 9.00 in The Bellhanger (Weatherspoons) in St Mary’s Street on the last Saturday of each month.


Hey, pawb, guess what!
The SSIW meeting in Cas Gwent (Chepstow) is combining forces with the Mentor Iaith meeting, to make one new enormous gathering (well, maybe five or six of us) at the Lime Tree at 10.30 on the fourth Saturday of each month. So the next cyfarfod is this Dydd Sadwrn nessaf = 26th.
Perhaps you should consider abandoning whatever plans you have made and, with a spring in your step and a spirit of derring-do, stride purposefully down to table number pedwar ar bymtheg and siarad yn Gymraeg until you are hoarse.
Sorry, I get somewhat overtaken by gushing enthusiasm, but I mean well.
And paid becso, we do wear clothes to meetings these days - mostly.

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It is probable that Coleg Gwent will also be present. The aim being to combine as many of the groups supporting learning Welsh in the Chepstow area to create a thriving group of people (fluent or not) but all very keen to promote Welsh in a very Anglicised part of Wales.
Come and join us and do your bit to help yourself and the language.

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