Carolyn from Borth!

Carolyn from Borth got a mention on the Tudur Owen show this morning, and managed to get in a plug for SSiW along the way - well done, Carolyn (if you’re on the forums)!

And TO’s response was fantastic - really supportive of people learning Welsh. Really made my day :slight_smile:


Gwaith gwych @carolynh :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@carolynh has done fantastically well, a great story! Dysgwraig y flwyddyn nesa efallai???


Dw i’n hoffi Tudur Owen podlodiad!!

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Anyone who knows Carolyn will know why hearing “Carolyn from Borth” makes me smile so much!

Da iawn, Carolyn, a chroeso i Gymru o’r diwedd. We’ll need to meet up soon!



Ahhh, diolch pawb!! Sorry, surviving without proper internet in Borth so far, so have only just seen this as I’m back in Oxford for the weekend. Tudur Owen was SO lovely he actually had me in tears! When he said ‘Welcome home, to your spiritual home’, I blubbed like an idiot (rather like when you gave me the Cymraeg badge at the end of Bootcamp, @Iestyn!)! It was a pipedream for such a long time, I can’t believe I’m really living in Wales and speaking Welsh all day every day in my job now! MOR gyffrous!!


And yes, definitely need to meet up, @Iestyn! Give everyone a big cwtch from me! x

We feel your pain… :slight_smile:

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