Caroline's 10 day Bootcamp online challenge

There is quite a bit which is not recognisable and then other words that i just get muddled with for instance cofio and gobeithio -

Okay, so this sounds more like a continuation of a pattern, rather than something specifically about the 10 day approach.

It would really help me to know what to recommend if you could answer this question:smile:


It’s a bit difficult to say exactly but there is quite a bit not recognisable and other words i get muddled with. Anyway i’ll let you go and enjoy your weekend rather than worrying about a mad english woman wanting to speak welsh😊

We’re all mad people wanting to speak Welsh :slight_smile:

Okay, we’re narrowing this down - so when you say ‘not recognisable’, you mean that you hear the words and genuinely don’t have any idea what they mean?

Bits of phrases are recognisable but not the whole phrase. It’s complicated to explain but it feels like i could manage at the beginning of course 1 where everything was dwi … and so it was just the new verbs i had to learn , then as things have got more complicated i just can’t do the tenses,pronouns, new words and mutate words at the same time so i end up not remembering anything. Also i could run through a list of Welsh words in my head but can’t remember what they mean. Sorry not to be more precise.

I’m about to knock off for the night - but would you like to have a chat on the phone about this at some point next week, Caroline? Without seeing/hearing some things, it’s hard for me to get a good fix on what you do/don’t actually know - and running through a few things would make it easier for me to see what the best thing would be for you to do next… :sunny:

Thank you to the lovely Aran for being so patient with all my insecurities about speaking Welsh :sunny:


Great - just had a good chat with Caroline, and we’ve hammered a few things out - it turns out that she is definitely forming the indexes, even for the new material in 16 to 25, but the combination of doubting herself and having the massive mutation input in lessons 20, 21, 22 was making her feel that she was doing much, much less successfully than was actually the case.

I’ve recommended that she head off to Level 1, and then revisit the last 5 lessons of Course 2 once she’s finished Level 1.

Judging from her ability to get the phrases out without needing the pause button much (once she’s warmed up) she seems to me an absolute nailed-on certainty to end up a very confident Welsh speaker… :sunny:

[@Caroline - you’re very welcome! Thank you for learning :star: ]

Ardderchog Caroline, I knew you were doing well in reality, and that it was “learner’s doubts” that was overcoming you - da iawn i ti!



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