Caroline's 10 day Bootcamp online challenge

Bore Da,

I have started my challenge. Worked through the lesson - course 2 lesson 16 with the hope that I will have completed course 2 by the end of the challenge.

I am not sure how speaking Welsh in my Devon village will go down - we do have at least one first language Weksh speaker here though so I will have to track her down.

Interestingly met someone at work who speaks English with a strong Welsh accent but never given the chance to learn Welsh when he was at school in Wales.

Will see what tomorrow brings!


Well done you! I’ll be particularly interested to hear how the challenges play out in Devon! But they should all be workable…:smile:

Just about managed Bore Da very quickly followed by Hello. Also slipped in diolch!


That’s an excellent start, well done!..:smile:

I’m off to a coffee morning in a minute. Reminds me of a lovely coffee morning in Aber Teifi last year when we were visiting. There were lots of Welsh speakers there and chatted to a lady who was impressed that I was trying to speak Welsh. Also felt smug I could understand the raffle numbers which were read out in Welsh - someone had to ask for translation.

Understanding anything in Welsh is a pretty major achievement, and a great sign that your brain is really getting to grips with stuff…:star:

Found my Welsh speaker - bumped into her in Greengrocers so just off to her house :slight_smile:


Done lesson 17 course 2. Are you sure it is ok to use the pause button and make loads of mistakes!

Yes to both…:smile:

It’s well worth trying not to overuse the pause button - don’t get into the habit of thinking you have to have the full sentence ready in your conscious mind before you start speaking - it can be a very good exercise to try and say the first word immediately, and see how much flows from that - but it’s very important that you get at least a shot at saying something…:smile:

Ok definitely need help with the next bit. I have been. Very good and not done any reading or writing ( as instructed). Now I have to write a dialogue in English and translate to Welsh - so here it is…please post corrections

Hello How are you ?
Fine thanks. Did you enjoy your weekend?
Yes thanks. I went to Bovey Tracey on Saturday. There was a farmers market on and I bought some cheese and some jam.
What did you do ?

Helo, shwmae. Sut wyt ti
Da Iain diolch. Wyt ti wedi bod mwynhau penwythnos?
Do diolch.
On I mynd I Bovey Tracey Marchand fifer ya a only prynu caws a jam.
Beth wyt ti wedi bod?

Sorry - predictive English on my iPad is a might are when trying to type Welsh.

Helo, shwmae.Sut wyt ti
Da iawn diolch. Wyt ti wedi bod mwynhau’r penwythnos?
Do diolch. Dydd Sadurn on i mynd i Bovey Tracey marchnad ffermwyr a ony prynu caws a jam.

Beth wyt ti wedi bod?

Just gone through lesson 18 course 2- i’m not sure i say sentences in English that are that complicated let alone Welsh!

That’s great stuff, Caroline…:star:

Here’s some fine-tuning for you:

Helo, shwmae. Sut wyt ti?
Da iawn diolch. Wnes ti fwynhau’r penwythnos?
Do diolch. Wnes i fynd i Bovey Tracey dydd Sadwrn. Roedd marchnad ffermwyr yno, a wnes i brynu caws a jam (or: ychydig o gaws ac ychydig o jam).
Beth wnest ti?


Thanks - i have acting friends and they all know i am definitely not into acting or learning lines- so doesn’t bode well for next challenge!

I’m sure you can beat it into submission…:smile:

This is proving to be much harder than i thought. Struggling to get through the lessons- just done lesson 19 course 2

Hard is good - it’s where you get the real benefits - having said that, how exactly are you struggling? What are you finding difficult?

I’m finding it difficult to cope with all the different tenses and extra bits like ( with her, him, them, us etc.) - I think lessons 17, 18, 19 I have hardly got out a whole sentence - I always seem to forget something. Are they particularly difficult lessons because my brain seems to have melted.?

S’mae Caroline?

I remember there being a bit of a steepening of the learning curve in Course 2 at around that point. Ond paid â phoeni! You will master it and looking back, wonder what all the fuss was about. You may not believe that right now, but I promise that will happen, and very soon. Trust the method.

Pob lwc,