Carol Vorderman

Wow utterly brilliant! Just seen Carol Vorderman on S4C News for learners speaking impeccable Welsh, And a mention for SSIW, What a credit to you SSI team.


Yes, she’s doing fantastically well - and getting on towards half a million views for her video on Twitter:

:star: :star2:


I did like her answer to the question of her favourite Welsh Words :smile: …it was obvious she had been having a lot of hwyl on her trip - and that’s a great message in itself. :sunny:

Great profile for SSIW too… with all your celebrities together you could have a fantastically high profile ‘if we can do it, so can you!’ - media event or press release! (Even if only together digitally)

Rich :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I think once the programme has aired (in April or May, to the best of my knowledge) there’ll be useful ‘tie it all together’ stuff we’ll be able to do… :slight_smile:


Careful, measured and accurate - exactly what I would expect from a Cambridge graduate in Engineering. :+1:


Our Cambridge group met yesterday in The Alma. Most of thm are graduates in something or other!

They get everywhere. :wink:

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A very enjoyable evening it was too, but wasn’t it in the Panton Arms?

Carol has dome amazingly well with her Welsh, her dedication and enthusiasm seem to know no bounds and she always works so hard! :star2:


Yes It was the Panton, We used to meet in the Alma ! Nice to see you and Bob there, you seemed to be enjoying yourselves !

Sadly unavailable outside the UK, it would seem (well, I can’t get it here in Belgium).

Now it’s aired, I think you should act on this great idea! Strike while the iron is hot!! (Now, be’ 'dy hynna yn y Gymraeg?) Xx

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Colloquial stuff like that rarely transfers neatly… :wink:

But yes, thanks for reminding me about this - it would be really nice if we could set up a Zoom meeting or something… quite a lot of other stuff going on right now, but I’ll start putting the feelers out… :slight_smile:

curo/taro tra bo’r haearn yn boeth, according to the Academi – I guess something that (in terms of traditional technology) is so practical and so obvious does transfer across, in this instance :slight_smile:


Oh yes, of course - oops! :blush:

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